The Amelia Tree Conservancy (ATC) is a diverse coalition of Amelia Island, Florida citizens formed in 2013 and dedicated to preserving our Maritime Forest Canopy. The Amelia Island canopy and its habitat play an important role in the life and health of all inhabitants of Amelia Island: humans, plants, and animals. We invite you to join us in saving trees on our island and to explore our site.

The Amelia Tree Conservancy is a partner and committee of the North Florida Land Trust, a 501c(3) organization.

Forest Canopy, Amelia Island, FL

Photo credits: Patrick Leary

What is a Maritime Forest?

What remains of the maritime forest on Amelia Island is part of the barrier island forest that originally extended from southern Virginia to Florida (through the Talbot Islands) and across the northern Gulf Coast. As a result of development, few areas of maritime forest remain.

The barrier island maritime forest develops within close proximity to salt spray, and is characterized by a high canopy of Live Oak and an understory dominated by Saw Palmetto.

…The maritime forest can be distinguished from the shrub forest by its clearly defined canopy. This high canopy shades out many of the shrub forest plants.  Some plants are able to survive in this low light environment and make up the understory of the forest. The soil in the forest is very moist and fertile to support these large trees. It may take up to a century for these types of soil conditions to develop. (Taylor Schoettle, A Guide to a Georgia Barrier Island, 1996)

The most common canopy trees in our Amelia Island maritime forest include Live Oak, Laurel Oak, Water Oak, Sabal (Cabbage) Palm, Hickory, Southern Magnolia, Red Cedar and several types of Pine. The understory includes Saw Palmetto, Wax Myrtle, American Holly, Yaupon Holly, Dahoon Holly, Sparkleberry and Beautyberry.

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