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Goal 2: Coastal Management and Conservation (Goal 5 in Fernandina Beach 2030 Comp Plan)

The Comp Plan/LDC Working Group is a group of citizens who are working together to provide input on the Fernandina Beach Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code and then on the Nassau County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code. These documents are critical for the future of Amelia Island. This group was formed by Amelia Tree Conservancy; however, its composition is broader and it represents a far broader scope of interests and concerns. We will soon be posting all of the Goals except for School Facilities and the Port. Because we were requested to provide our draft on this goal to the Planning Advisory Committee as they begin working on the Comp Plan, we are posting our Introduction and Goal 2 in advance of the other goals. 

The Comp Plan/LDC Working Group does not perceive these drafts to be the final product of the Comprehensive Plan, but rather a working draft. Development of the Comprehensive Plan must be a process that brings together the world views of our diverse community of stakeholders. We represent some of these perspectives, but certainly not all. We look forward to discussing what we have developed thus far and look forward to your input.

To view the entire Coastal Management draft please click here.

Notes on Goal 2 (formerly Goal 5)

Goal 2 Coastal Management and Conservation (the 2030 Goal 5) has been rearranged in an attempt to match the challenges the City faces in the future. The context is summarized in the introduction to this Goal. The following notes address anticipated questions:

  • In a complex process like updating the Comprehensive Plan, it is fundamental that the City and community decide on the content of the plan for the future prior to investing a lot of time in how we craft the writing of the document. We made changes in organization when we felt they impacted comprehension of our intent, but left most of the previous text intact.
  • The Comp Plan/LDC Working Group is well aware of the problem of length in Goal 2. However, the above consideration and the following issues persuaded us to leave it as it is right now:
    • It would be relatively easy to divide Goal 2 into two goals, coastal management and general conservation objectives. However, in writing the 2030 goals, the PAB team decided to combine these previously separate goals. We suspect that one of the reasons was to demonstrate the relationship between coastal management and conservation needs and objectives–certainly a valid consideration. If these goals become separate, we need to make certain that the community understands the interrelationships between these goals. There may be other ways to break this out into separate goals that we have not thought of yet because we are in the early stages of this process.
    • The Comp Plan/LDC Working Group has deleted very little from the 2030 plan for fear of opening up unforeseen loopholes in the Plan. Once the final content is determined, it should be easier to delete unnecessary or redundant material.
  • The proposal to create a combined position for Floodplain Manager and Chief Resilience Officer should not be interpreted as implying any negative perceptions regarding Steve Beckman’s performance as Floodplain Manager. In fact, we have been impressed with his efforts to make City policy consistent with FEMA standards and with his insistence on monitoring building projects. We view this plan as looking forward to addressing our needs and as building on what has been done to date. In practice, someone with the specified credentials could be hired initially for the combined position, or someone currently on staff could take on this combined role. The initial combination of the positions could eventually evolve into two positions when needs justify that change.
  • The importance of long-term planning and the planning of incremental rollout cannot be overstated in addressing coastal management at the current time. How this will be done remains to be seen, but it is essential.

Comp Plan/LDC Working Group

Beth Foster, Pam Green, Lauree Hemke, Betsie Huben, Christine Joblon, Ann Kemp, Margaret Kirkland, Alexandra Lajoux, Pat Moore, Lyn Pannone,Helen Perry and Shameera Wiest

Recent Nassau County Vulnerability Study Results

Maps that may be helpful:

County Appraisers Maps: 1) Look at the Storm Surge and Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) under Safety. 2) Look at the Flood Maps

Fernandina Beach: These are the maps included with the current Comp Plan in 2020.

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