14th & Lime input to Army Corps of Engineers

The Army Corps of Engineers is accepting public comment regarding the development on 14th and Lime. Please express your concern.

  • Development on wetlands is a direct violation of the City of Fernandina Beach Comprehensive plan.
  • This is one of the last significant pieces of undeveloped land in Fernandina Beach. The City is encouraging development and increasing density as it increases tourism, but it is not increasing parkland or green space.
  • Environmentally, the loss of trees on this property will:
    • increase the heat island effect on Amelia Island,
    • increase flooding due to lack of the trees to process storm water,
    • significantly reduce the protection of the island from wind damage,
    • significantly worsen our air quality by removing the trees that remove carbon and pollutants.
  • The loss of this area will significantly reduce wildlife habitat and corridors on Amelia Island and reduce resting areas for our many migratory birds.
  • Fernandina Beach is not prepared for and cannot accommodate the resulting increase in traffic and density, which will lead to further canopy loss.
  • Address:
    District Engineer, Jacksonville Permits Section
    Post Office Box 4970,
    Jacksonville, Florida 32232
    Subject: Permit Application Number SAJ-1995-03715(SP-MRE)
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