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Goal 1: Restoration of Public Trust

Comp Plan/LDC Working Group Draft Fernandina Beach 2045 Comprehensive Plan

At no other time in history has the importance of citizen trust been higher. National surveys conducted in 2020 captured a growing mood of mistrust in America, even in relation to local government, which historically ranks highly in public confidence. Similarly, studies conducted in Fernandina Beach by the National Research Center, Inc. in 2017 and 2019 indicated a significant decline in ratings of City government related to effectiveness, direction, acting in the best interest of the City, integrity, equitable treatment of citizens, and so forth. This growing loss of public trust has had a significant impact on dynamics within our community. 

It is the position of the Comprehensive Plan/LDC Working Group that this trend can be reversed by maintaining high standards for government accountability, performance, transparency and communication, while strengthening participation and representation of citizens, and basing decisions on their interests. We are also recommending the addition of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position to restore public trust in the quality of City financial information and in the performance of all financial and budgetary activities as well as in the quality of economic strategy development.

To view the Goal 1. Restoration of Public Trust Goal, please click here.

Comp Plan/LDC Working Group

Beth Foster, Pam Green, Lauree Hemke, Betsie Huben, Christine Joblon, Ann Kemp, Margaret Kirkland, Alexandra Lajoux, Lyn Pannone and Shameera Wiest

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