Land Conservation

Land conservation is the best tool we have for saving some of our maritime forest. Furthermore, conserving forested land and wetlands is the single most effective tool for enhancing our sustainability and resiliency. It:

  • Reduces flooding
  • Enables us to get better FEMA flood insurance rates
  • Provides some protection against storm surge and sea level rise
  • Provides a balance to and limits development
  • Ensures some quality of life with development
  • Contributes to the stability of our economy, since much of our economy is based  on tourism, outdoor sports and recreation, and the retirement community

What is being done to advance land conservation?

CLAM Program

In collaboration with North Florida Land Trust, Nassau County is establishing the Conservation Land Acquisition and Management (CLAM) Program for the entire county.

We look forward to full implementation of the program and the ballot referendum in the near future.

Land Conservation Ordinances

Fernandina Beach established a Land Conservation Ordinance and Fund in June of 2018.

In 2019, the City established a Memorandum of Understanding with North Florida Land Trust and together they have conserved almost 11 acres. 

Amelia Forever Fund

North Florida Land Trust has established the Amelia Forever fund and Committee to raise funds for land conservation on Amelia Island

Our support for this fund is critical. They are working hard to help us maintain our natural resources.

Amelia Tree Conservancy

Amelia Tree Conservancy has been promoting land conservation since its inception and accepts donations for distribution to land conservation efforts. We have also provided lists of important parcels and areas for conservation to the City, County and North Florida Land Trust.

What can we do to support land conservation?

  • It is important that we let city, county and state representatives know that we support land conservation. We can email or call our representatives or speak in meetings. Visit our Resources page for contact information.
  • We can vote for City and County referenda that support land conservation and for candidates committed to land conservation.

We can contribute to city and county land conservation on Amelia Island by donating to:

We can choose to conserve property we own by working with North Florida Land Trust , our accredited and experienced land trust in Northeast Florida. The most common land conservation options available to a property owner are:

  • Sale to a land trust or government set up to handle land conservation
  • Donation/partial donation to a land trust or government set up to handle land conservation
  • Conservation easement: A voluntary, legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust or government that permanently limits uses of the land in order to protect its conservation value, but allows the continued use of the land by the owner. The easement remains in effect in  perpetuity, even when the property is sold or passed on in inheritance.
  • Donation with lifetime income (also known as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder unitrust).
  • Zoning change to “Conservation” negotiated with the local government.

Some of these options provide substantial tax relief, depending on owner circumstances. Anyone considering conservation of their land should also consult with a tax expert and an attorney.

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