Emergency Contacts

If you see something that may be a violation of the tree ordinance, speak up!

ATC continues to work with both the City and County to protect our island’s maritime canopy and we thank you for directly getting involved in these efforts.

City Contact Information

For issues on Amelia Island within the Fernandina Beach city limits,
Please refer to the information below:

Dave Holley, ISA Certified Arborist
(904) 310 3480 | Direct: (904) 574-1215

Michelle Forstrom
Code Enforcement Director
(904) 310-3441

County Contact Information

For issues on Amelia Island outside the Fernandina Beach city limits,
Please refer to the information below:

Code Enforcement Department, (904) 530-6200
Ask for Mike Favors or Janet Wylie

Both City and County recommend that you always:

  • STATE your name, phone number, address on the island,
    and request a call back
  • PROVIDE the address or location of your tree ordinance
    infraction concern
  • CLEARLY describe the situation
  • TAKE pictures that will describe/document your concern that
    can be sent to the city or county if requested.

Links to city & county ordinances

City of Fernandina Beach

Currently, Tree Protection is 4.05.14, and Tree Protection Violations are 11.08.04

Nassau County

Contact Information for City and County Commissioners

Be sure that Fernandina Beach City Commissioners and Nassau County Commissioners are aware of your priorities and concerns. Find their contact information here.

ATC Activities for
All Ages!

Involve yourself in these fun activities that help teach kids and adults the importance of tree conservation and how we can contribute to this cause!

Video & Reading

Check out our list of reading and video recommendations for a variety of types of ages, including children.

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