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Voice of the Island

On Tuesday, Aug. 29, ATC participated in a Celebration of Tom Cote-Merow’s life. Tom was an individual with many interests who contributed to this community in many ways, but he was a strong voice for the environment on Amelia Island. In reflecting on his contributions, ATC was inspired to create a new award, the “Voice of the Island Award,” which recognizes and celebrates the contributions of our neighbors who have spoken up for the well being of Amelia Island, using their voices, pens or cameras. While ATC focuses its efforts on the trees of Amelia Island, all elements of the environment are interconnected and interdependent, constituting an integrated whole. Recipients of this award will be those who have contributed greatly to the effort to protect our unique Amelia Island environment. The first honoree was Tom Cote-Merow. We need for everyone to speak out to our city and county commissioners as Tom did.

Normally, this award will be presented annually in our end of the year business meeting, which is usually held in November. Our other award is presented to those who undertake remarkable efforts to save our canopy and those who serve ATC in remarkable ways.

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